Friday, October 31, 2008


David Dolton said...

Hi Kate -

I met you tonight at the PVI basketball jamboree - glad you and Leaf's grandmother were there. I donated some cash, hopefully it adds up. The little guy could use some help it seems. The neuro-opthamologist that I was thinking of is Dr. Preston Calvert, at (703) 461-1908, and his address is 5249 Duke Street in Alexandria, VA. His email is Dr. Calvert has an amazing attention to detail, and beyond that he is an incredibly fair and wonderful man. If you get in touch with him, please let him know that I said hello. All the best to the little guy.

bluecephalopod said...

Thanks for the contribution and contact info David.
We'll keep Dr. Calvert's number on hand - maybe we can see him next time we visit Katie and family. We are very excited for Leaf to have the stem cell treatment. There is a wonderful little boy in there behind those restless eyes - who is working hard to make sense of the world. With bolstered vision, I think it will be hard to keep up with his curiosity. Thank you, thank you - it means so much.

Stephanie and Johnny